28 Mar Sat: Happy weekend and Opp for Biz Exposure

Since we started the first podcast in Youtube "DWChannel" on 14 Feb (Valentine's day), the subscribers' rate has reached above 10,000 in just less 2 months and still growing.
Thank you for the great support and compliments from many associates, pals and new friends from all over the region. Moving forward, we plan to create some meaningful contents like below:
1) A series of 10 short videos covering whole biz opp in ASEAN 10 countries and macro interpretation in setting biz within this region.
2) A series of vidoes introducing lifestyle videos covering Singapore places of interest and their economic value to overall growth in our country.
3) A series of market trends and outlook for regional financial markets.
4) A series of learning and human values in our daily living.
We wish to open the collaboration of small sponsorship from all potential partners who can insert a 10 seconds slide (existing corp video or to be made by our tech team) into our video and print their corporate name /logo on the cover page. Other options will be arranging an interview to talk about their biz (visual recording or over the phone conversation).
The values of making such support is to allow our tech team propel the marketing potential in reaching more subscribers and real time viewership.
The archives in the DWChannel will be played again and again in our Youtube video library. Supporting partners can also share the video link to their regional clients and friends for viewing and advertising the biz.
One of the highest video we uploaded recently has received more than 7000 genuine viewers from ASEAN and India login.
Imagine the subscribers and viewers will be watching your video with 50,000 times; 100,000 times; 500,000 times or even 1 million times; your contribution is only one time at today's cost of less than SGD1000 per video episode.
Interested party may PM me thru FB or email to apsrico@gmail.com
All kind of biz including F&B; Tourism: Construction and Developmt; retail outlets; financial institutions; manufacturing; hospitality; IT engineering; if but not all, will be considered.
Thank you for the attention.


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