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Crude Prices Went Below Zero !

It is so hard to imagine a physical commodity, in fact an international essential commodity would go below zero pricing! That means it has become a thrash and wanted by nobody. This is a phenomena that is not seen before but actually has happened. Read on. On the 20 April, the Crude Futures trading in U.S. Chicago Mercantile Exchange went down to minus USD37 /barrel just one before the contract expired. This is the first time in mankind history that such a global commodity experienced a thrown-off by all traders and witnessed by the unbelievable audience. We are the audience of course! With this precedence set into Futures industry, will it happen again in future? We reckon it might happen again unless the Exchange set a new rule to halt all trading activity once the prices come to zero benchmark. When the May Futures contract traded at the negative region, it meant the global supply glut has been enlarging and the seller just want to pass the stock to next buy

Trump Stops Funding WHO: Why? How? How is this related to Crude and Gold...

Trump Halts all Financial Aid to WHO but Why? Does this order have expiry? Can WHO continue without US support? How would this order affect the General Commodities? Watch our forecast and Become An Expert! 特朗普再向世界衛生組織刁難 終止向世衛組織提供財務資源 他目的是什麼? 這項執行令有期限嗎? 沒有了美國資源,世衛組織是否完蛋? 這個執行令如何影響到大宗商品的行情? 看了我們的市場預判,你就是大師!

Trump Orders Financial Halt to WHO

On 14 April , President Trump ordered a halt to provide financial support to WHO, reason being the WHO officials have not done a good job in conducting the coronavirus survey. On the other hand, the Director General of WHO - Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has retaliated the U.S. President for politicising the matter after the WHO official has complimented China for their efficient management of the pandemic outbreak! According to the WHO report, the Organisation has declared a global emergency on the 30 January. Meanwhile, President Trump was mitigating the pandemic spread and reassured the Americans that the contagion was under control in United States. When Trump finally ordered a national emergency, that was on 13 March and it came almost 6 weeks late after the WHO recommended action. Obviously, President Trump is very unhappy now and wants his reputation to be salvaged by looking for someone to be blamed on. According to the source of WHO, the first quarter of 2020 has rec

What's More Important Than Money ?

As of 7 April, Singapore has gone into a circuit breaker instead of calling it a lock down in the country. The Government has issued the order of everyone stays home with an aim to terminate the spread of covid-19 virus. Only the essential businesses will be allowed to operate during this crisis! Going into the 4th day of circuit breaker period, WHO has reported more than 1.6 million infected cases worldwide and death toll recorded at 95,000+ on  Friday . Many countries have announced the lock down and urge citizens to stay homebound. From most recent precedence, it would take about 1 month to see the reduction of spread cases and eventually capture the rise in this pandemic contagion. In Singapore, only those essential businesses approved by the local Government will be allowed to operate during this time. These include the wet markets; supermarts; clinics; pharmacies and hospitals; food outlets and restaurants (purely for deliveries and takeaway); barbers and hairdressers (f

Coronavirus Vs. Crude Prices

As of  Friday  3 April, there were more than 1 million reported cases on covid-19 discovery. Till date, US country has been ranked as First with more than 240,000 cases; Italy has more than 115,000 cases; Spain has more than 110,000 cases; Germany has more than 84,000 cases; China has more than 82,000 cases. On worldwide basis, death toll has hit 52,800 numbers from this pandemic! It is very clear that the world has moved into a recession due to the impact of coronavirus outbreak. Almost all countries in the world has called a stop in their manufacturing during the Q1 seasons. Global supply chain has been crippled and shortage of raw materials have affected the production of multi-channel products! Adding into the global slowdown, Russia and Saudi have erupted a price war on Crude prices that further put the market into a wintering season. As Crude is the basic driving forces of all industries, it may be good to have a lower cost of energy prices in a normal economy; however,