What's More Important Than Money ?

As of 7 April, Singapore has gone into a circuit breaker instead of calling it a lock down in the country. The Government has issued the order of everyone stays home with an aim to terminate the spread of covid-19 virus. Only the essential businesses will be allowed to operate during this crisis!

Going into the 4th day of circuit breaker period, WHO has reported more than 1.6 million infected cases worldwide and death toll recorded at 95,000+ on Friday. Many countries have announced the lock down and urge citizens to stay homebound. From most recent precedence, it would take about 1 month to see the reduction of spread cases and eventually capture the rise in this pandemic contagion.

In Singapore, only those essential businesses approved by the local Government will be allowed to operate during this time. These include the wet markets; supermarts; clinics; pharmacies and hospitals; food outlets and restaurants (purely for deliveries and takeaway); barbers and hairdressers (for basic haircut service); veterinarians; and essential businesses that are on the upstream and midstream supply of goods and services; etc.

Staying homebound means all office work need to be managed at home. Generally, businesses have been slowing down and this tough time has become a real test to many operators. In fact, this has become an issue worldwide doesn't just involve one country or two.

Recently, one IMF top official comments that the pandemic outbreak and the resulting recession is the worst, by far, after the Great Depression during 1930s. Nevertheless, the official didn't comment on the forecast of global growth in 2020 after the last figure was made in January for a 3.3 percent gains this year. Personally,we believe the global growth will go below 3.0 percent in 2020!

What's more important than money now?

That's Life! Of course, we've got to stay alive in order to gain more after this crisis is over. We have launched a YouTube video on Thursday and received more than 10,000 viewers after 24 hours. The topic is about what's more important than life in a crisis like this?

Whats should you do during this homebound period and prepare for a bigger challenge to your next success after the circuit breaker. Watch our video now and share with your friends and family if you think it has benefit you and will do so to your loved ones!

Stay vigilant and healthy.

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