BITCOIN in the Limelight Again!

 Recently, we have highlighted in a snippet dated 14 Nov and the content was about Bitcoin. On 16 Dec, Bitcoin price broke above USDS20,000 and went into a new historical high after traded for past 12 years!

Most crypto traders and investors are hysterical and they could smell the crypto trend is coming back! This is exactly what we have predicted since May after the halving process. Coincidentally, Bitcoin is the only topic we have written more than twice in this snippet during the year. We'd just hope that you have taken heed and done something about it!

Every time we see a new stimulus in U.S. policy and Dollar devaluation, there is a potential in seeing Bitcoin rise with precious metals. Last week, we saw the Dollar Index (USX) submerging below 90.00 benchmark and that is the catalyst to push up the Bitcoin and Ethereum. In the next uptrend, we predict the crypto bulls will come again in Feb 2021 after the new U.S. President announces a round of fiscal stimulus to counter fight the coronavirus slowdown.

On Thursday, French President Macron has been tested positive for covid-19 infection. He has been put into quarantine while the other top officials have all been isolated. Despite the vaccines have been approved for Pfizer, BioNtech by U.K. and U.S. regulators, it is still too early to tell if they could really work for all users or only for majority people.

The fact is the exploding spread of covid-19 in European region has put many countries into alarm. This is the whiplash for not paying focal attention in arresting the eruption at the beginning stage. In our opinion, the second wave of infection has started in Europe and U.S. continents as we predicted in mid-year.

Regardless of vaccines being administered fully into the 28 EU countries and U.S. continents, the possibility of another eruption is great possible though we hope it won't come true. When the stock markets plunge in-lieu of fear in pandemic crisis again, that's when the Bitcoin and precious metals will fly higher. Hence, we need to monitor closely over February month for this possible whiplash when the climate season changes again.

In China, the new vaccines manufactured by Sinopharm has been rolled out for administration. This drug doesn't need to be studied and approved by U.K. Cambridge or U.S. FDA. Will it work better or worse? Let's watch further on the progress.

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