The Covid Vaccine is Coming to Town!

 Last week, UAE Government said the covid vaccine made by China's Sinopharm has proven 86 percent effective among 31,000 users. This the the phase three trial conducted across 125 nationalities.

China has made it clear that developing countries in South East Asia like Malaysia, Philippines and African countries are prioritized to receive this medicine once it is launched. Western analysts begin to question and write articles on this intention!

Our answer is simple. When you can afford to help your friends, you always aid those who are less privileged and bosom pals of yours. There is no reason to give aid to strangers or someone who always bicker with you when your good neighbors need this provision from you.

In previous week, Pfizer and BioNTech have received their approval in U.K. for being the first to roll out the covid vaccine. It's a puzzle why the U.S. FDA did not do it and these American companies need to obtain the regulatory license from another country. Obviously, the country that approves such new drug will be fully responsible when something goes wrong to the users. ironically, this has become a riddle if the American vaccine is really effective but no western media quibbles about this matter.

However, President Trump mentioned that the effective vaccine will be rendered to U.S. consumers under the "Americans First" policy. On the other hand, China announces to help the more infected allied countries. Regardless of how we interpret the situation, the coronavirus spread will probably worsen in western countries before they get better next year!

This X'mas season is different from past years. People ask for vaccine and good health instead of economic gifts. The Santa Clause could be anyone who renders you what you need most to stay alive while a traditional small hanging sock is spacious enough to contain the drug.

With the gradual positive news from more global pharmaceutical companies announcing their success in developing a new drug for covid vaccine and expected new stimulus in December and February by U.S. Federal Reserve, the stock markets might be volatile but the bears have not arrived yet.

Be prudent and cautious when you are always tempted to short on new highs in stock indexes. Have an empowering weekend.

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