This Week Highlight - A Brand New Year 2021


This Week Highlight - A Brand New Year 2021
Happy New Year 2021 to all readers.

Till now, this weekly snippet has launched since 2006 and runs for 14 years. We would like to thank you for continual support and weekly interest in reading our article for past years.

In this beginning of 2021, what are we going to expect and cushion ourselves against the global risk? This snippet will bring your some tips to handle the market volatility and emerge as a champion.

In past weeks, many media and channels have invited me for giving a forecast for 2021 and how we can maneuver in this rough tides. My answers are given below and need your attentive reading.

In 2020, we have seen the Dollar Index (USDX) falling off 95.00 level and triggered the mass commodity prices into rising trends. Most of them have attained more than 5-year high record while Gold prices have soared to new historical record.

In 2021, the general commodity prices will con0itnue to climb and on their way in the new era of commodity age. Ironically, traders have been flung into the bear market trends for past 8 years and forgot about the essential bull trend cycle in global markets. When the Dollar Index (USDX) drops off 88.00 level in the 1H2021, beware of the new rise in all commodities from metals, energies, food , grains and farm prices!

In our opinion, the new cycle of Dollar has began to shift into the trend just like the early 1990s; mid 2000s; and early 2010s that were all coincidental to the strings of continual stimulus policy in U.S. monetary package. Hence, the year of 2021 will be the cycle of fierce rising in commodity prices while stagflation will emerge in Asia economies.

While U.S. will print more monies and going to roll out massive stimulus, the hot monies will escape into Asia markets to pursue higher rate returns. In 2021, beware of the eruptions of many defaults in corporate bonds. On higher level, we foresee the sovereign debt crisis will return after keeping mulled for a decade.

In 2021, there are many hidden opportunities amid the growing risks in market volatility. Don't trust anyone who say they will bring you millions of Dollars in business. Find your way to tally your balancing acts among the global trend, geographical advantage, human assets and plan our business system to extract the benefits from what you are doing as a business and investment.

Good luck and a have great year ahead.

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