This Week Highlight - A Quick Profit in Pocket


On Wednesday 20 January, NETFLIX surged 15% in prices over just one trading session after the company announced 24 percent increment in revenue in 2020 and added 37 million paid subscribers.

Last week was the departure of Trump and the inauguration of Biden. The Dow Jones market climbed in celebration. But if you think we are going to talk about this topic and getting tired of it, then you have guessed correctly! We are not interested to cover this topic as readers are getting worn out of hearing the name of Trump again and what he has done to the world!

Let's talk about something about that can put real monies into your pocket this week. After NETFLIX shot up more than USD50 range following the financial results, we have discovered the Nasdaq Composite Index has crossed above 13,200 level and settled near at 13,457 at the end of Wednesday session. It seems like 14,000 benchmark is a sure thing before mid-February!

Over the coming week to early February, we shall be expecting the financial results in 2020 from the biggest capitalized companies in Nasdaq Composite Index. they are namely Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google. Including NETFLIX, they are better known as FAANGM stocks.

Literally, all the above FAANGM stocks have been expected to release strong growth results in 2020. NETFLIX has shown the bulls power, so what would you think of the other 5 potential bulls in the coming 2 weeks?

If you get our hint, start looking into the 5 stocks and plan your entry before they might run up real fast soon!

Good luck. Have a wonderful weekend.

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