FUTU, APPLE, TESLA, Ocugen and FREIGHTCar Analysis guide

Market Look’s still good. We still can hold the bluechip stock which have the good fundamental data. Let’s see today’s stock analysis guide line. Check the support and resistant point I provided.

FUTU, for the daily chart. Still good. We look for 180. But it must not drop below 129. Since the price keep going up. The support level is come to 129. If not breakdown 129, we still can hold for next resistant level is 155 first. After can breakup 155, next targe is 180.

APPLE, support still 120. It look for breaking the 129 and look for the higher resistant at 137.

TESLA, already breakup 600. But we still need to careful. Once drop below 600. Next Resistant level at 630, if it break 630, we look for 750. 

Ocugen, this is requested analysis counter. This stock fundamental data not that good. If for technical analysis, support level at 3.3. So, if drop to 3.3,I think you can buy low(Bottom). Resistant still at 11, hope it can hit the resistant price.

FREIGHTCAR, this requested abalysis stock. It also not good for their fundamental data. For technical suggestion is support at 4.5, if breakdown 4.5, look for 2 bottom level. Resistant at 7.2, if break 7.2, can hold for next higher resistant at 10.

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