FUTU, APPLE, TESLA trading guide for 24-05-2021

 It’s Monday Again. Let’s look for today’s market, look’s good. But we still need to be play safe. Here is my analysis for FUTU, Apple and Tesla.

FUTU, pre-market look above at 124, the support still 124, once drop below 120, please do not buy low. If the price still at 121~124, can try buy some, resistant still at 130. Once breakup 130 and stay above, just hold.

TESLA, resistant still 600, once drop below 579, please do not buy low for earning the short profit. It’s not worth it. Once breakup 600, keep above 600, can hold for next resistant 630

Apple, premarket at 126, look’s good.Please look at my red horizontal line, it’s support and resistant level. Still support at 121, resistant at 129. I think it will sideway between this 121 to 129 for a few trading days. Once breakup 129, please hold. Good luck.


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