OCUGEN and FREIGHTCAR trading guide analysis

First of all, I need to give your some suggestion opportunities who is missed to buy AMC, you still have a chance to try these 2 stocks. OCUGEN and FREIGHTCAR. As we saw the post-market for OCUGEN have big volume to push until 9.18. I am look's for it to break the resistant at 11.2. Once it break. look for next resistant level at 18.8. The support level at 5.2 It look's very strong support.

FREIGHTCAR also looks good now. Low volume trade. Once it breakup first resistant price at 7.2 We look for breakup 8.8. and hold until hit the TOP channel resistant price at 11. But we also need to be careful the support level at 5.2~5.3. If it not drop below it. Actually, this stock still do not see the big volume come to buy yet. Your can set the trading volume which is hit 5M, then, look for the price level at that time. Good Luck.


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