Technical Trading guide for CTRM and FEYE

 Since I got this CTRM and FEYE from who are holding those stocks. I will do the light Technical trading guide for their support and resistant level. Because I donot have so much time for do the fundamental research. So, only do support and resistant guide.

CTRM for trading support at 0.4 Resistant at 0.47. Once it can breakup and maintence at above 0.47. We look for next resistant level at 0.6. Actually, I dont suggest to trade for those penny stock too much. It’s not worth to play and invest. Good Luck.

FEYE look’s good. Break the resistant at 20. So, for the long run it can hold it see can breakup 23.5 or not. Once break 23.5, check their financial statement. They have good report. Just hold it for long time. It must not breakdown below 19 support. Good Luck.


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