SNDL Analysis Guide 05-06-2021

 It was big suprise SNDL went to hit 1.38 and Reversed down to 1.09. It broken down the support level at 1.18. It close at the second support level at 1.09 now. So, what will we do now? Hold or sell? Since it come down to this support level, the strong support level at 0.87. If break down this support next week, we will not hold it. Another words, the next 2 weeks support level at this 0.87~0.9. If next week not go down below 0.87. We just hold it. It wait for TREND indicator GOLDEN CROSS up!! Good Luck!

By the way, next Wednesday Night, we have webinar. Dont forget to join me. I will show you in the LIVE price movement in ZOOM. Register here:


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