SNDL Guide! 31-08-2021

 I think this SNDL is for some people patient, of course also help some people earn profits. For this few months monitor and it trading behavior. It need to take sometime to recover back to $1. We should not pay much expection for it suddenly rocket up to $1, except that day have good news, huge volume trade movement. Otherwise, it still take time to go back above $1. The support still be 0.65~0.68. The short volume fund is higher than ever. If it would like to short the price below 0.65, it will take a lots of fund to do it. Unless it got the bad news as previous Q2 financial report. So, for the price movement technic skill, I would like to give some suggestion as price must stay above 0.8 and stand more than 2 weeks. It will break the downtrend. So, for who is holding and plan to invest this stock. Still need to take time. See the chart I share, for this Aug, it still drop 0.2. The TREND indicator still do not give the signal to enter yet. Please wait and monitor. Good Luck.


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