Profile of DAR Wong
DAR Wong is a professional in Financial Market industry with 30 years of experiences in global financial markets involving structured portfolio, debt-financing, fund-raising exercise and Merger & Acquisition. Currently, his focuses in expanding the Blockchain technology while transforming the asset businesses into Digital Economy. DAR is also an associate member of International Rubber Research & Development Board (IRRDB) and driving his expertise in risk management among general commodity. His specified trainings have covered 20 countries with clients coming widely from Government ministries, Exchanges, Financial institutions and Brokers, Private Corporations etc.
DAR authored the best sellers “8 Ways to Invest in China’s Emerging Market” and “Living Daylight in Stock Market: Monetizing Your Profits in 8 Days”. In the bestselling book written by Australian Brent Penfold entitled “The Universal Principles of Successful Trading”, DAR is profiled as “One of the most successful traders – Market Masters”. In addition, he is also the popular columnist of Borneo Post in Malaysia.  
For his accolades and achievements, DAR has received the Spirit of Enterprise awarded by Singapore Management University in 2011; ASEAN Economic Award by Royal Privy Council of Thailand in 2012; Outstanding Award in International Financial Market Analysis by ASEAN Economics in Thailand 2015; Medal of Integrity awarded by Royal Palace of Palembang Indonesia in 2015. In 2019, DAR graduated from “ASEAN New Economy Leadership Program” jointly organized by Guangxi CA-Expo Group and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, and became the Alumni member of CKGSB. In the same year, DAR spoke in ASEAN Community Leadership & Partnership Forum held in conjunction with 34th ASEAN Summit in Bangkok Thailand.

黄达 資歷
黄达的畅销著作包括《投资中国的8项渠道》与《股市曙光:交易八日通》。澳大利亚知名作家布伦特·奔富的畅销书《交易圣经:系统交易赢利要诀》中,黄达被列为“最为成功的交易员及市场大师”之一。此外,黄达还是马来西亚 – 婆罗邮报的财经专栏攥写人,被大众读者所追捧。