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Sheesha Finance Liquidity Generation Power

  News BTC is mostly a price prediction platform. After writing about the cultural side of crypto for near four years, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about the correlation between leader, community, and price. Even though I have no qualifications or desire to be a price predictor, I’ve made great friends here who it becomes easier to navigate the projects that have their foundations correct. The Defi burn is on, and I’m privileged to have chosen and accepted the ‘Artistic Ambassador’ title for Sheesha Finance. Sheesha Finance  is a Decentralized Finance venture founded by  Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki . The strong team assembled to bring this venture into reality has been vetted by many community members, and approved to make the DeFi story even more interesting. “VESA has proven himself to be a leader in the digital art space which is not something that happens overnight. He has worked tirelessly at his craft for years, earning him features in Forbes and allowing him to work with very fa

Create Alpha Profits & Insight to Bitcoin: Outlook for Y2021 (ENG) - 19-12-2020

 This video brings you into a journey to magnify the market outlook for Y2021. Find out WHERE is the largest opportunity and HOW to multiply your investment! Don't miss it! Watch Now!

BITCOIN in the Limelight Again!

  Recently, we have highlighted in a snippet dated 14 Nov and the content was about Bitcoin. On 16 Dec, Bitcoin price broke above USDS20,000 and went into a new historical high after traded for past 12 years! Most crypto traders and investors are hysterical and they could smell the crypto trend is coming back! This is exactly what we have predicted since May after the halving process. Coincidentally, Bitcoin is the only topic we have written more than twice in this snippet during the year. We'd just hope that you have taken heed and done something about it! Every time we see a new stimulus in U.S. policy and Dollar devaluation, there is a potential in seeing Bitcoin rise with precious metals. Last week, we saw the Dollar Index (USX) submerging below 90.00 benchmark and that is the catalyst to push up the Bitcoin and Ethereum. In the next uptrend, we predict the crypto bulls will come again in Feb 2021 after the new U.S. President announces a round of fiscal stimulus to counte

Weekly Market Forecast ------The Return of Bitcoin

  Weekly Update Refresh on every weekend for a full update of Market Forecast covering WTI, Gold, Silver, FCPO trends Read Our FREE Weekly Market Forecast This Week Highlight - The Return of Bitcoin When Bitcoin reached the first historical high at almost USD20,000 during December 2017, the world turned crazy and many non-believers started to ogle at the market and wondered if that “virtual thing” was real! After the double top was formed in January 2018, many investors began to time their entry and planned to buy on the downward retracement. Ironically, the down trend lasted for about 12 months and reached below USD4,300 in January 2019. Since then, we did a backtracking on the bitcoin trend and tried to find correlational instrument to this “virtual currency”. Theoretically, we found out that the USD index (USDX) plunged from 103.00 to 88.00 level during the same time that bitcoin surged to its first

A New Era in Fund Raising: Cryptos Offerings

A New Era in Fund Raising: Cryptos Offerings Over the last twelve months, the global markets have been overwhelmed by a streak of frenzy on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Many new business start-ups have found this channel as the fastest and most convenient way to raise fund from a couple of millions or more, for their business expansion. Undeniably, many of these project vendors are bogus or have not reinforced a proper and legal structure to protect the investors’ monies. True enough, the ICO exercise is a very straightforward way to solicit monies from investors’ pockets unlike the multi-thresholds of getting a loan from banks. Unfortunately, most investors are still oblivious of the hidden risk if the due diligence of such project is not properly done by industrial professionals. It could be worse if the investment scheme is operated through a referral scheme, hence the introducer of this crypto-investment is actually hoping to get some bonus payment upon your monetary entry in

The Myth of Crypto-Currency

The Myth of Crypto-Currency Bitcoin was created sometime in 2008 by an unknown person named as Satoshi Nakamoto and this digital money is a reward of cyber-mining process. The software was released as open-source in 2009 and attracted many “tech-guys” into the business for mining the perceived wealth of the future money. Strictly speaking, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital money and not a legal tender recognized by any central banks in the world. There is no benchmark to the value though the circulation of it will be maximized at 21 million units from the cyber-mining field. Effectively, this digital currency is a commodity that can be used to exchange for services, products and ambiguously, for cash money too. In February 2015, over 100,000 merchants accepted bitcoin as payment. Some market sources comment that bitcoin and all other digit currencies are just bubbles and they are all traps to scam investors’ monies eventually. However, the “block-chain” technology which is a